Rachel Greer


Rachel is a townie and a bartender at Pizza Barn. She spends some time getting to know Jason Rhodes and describes her family as conspiracy theorist survivalist types who at the age of three dragged her and her older brothers to a cabin in the northern territories of Canada. The only friends she had growing up were a handful of kids from a nearby native reserve who were actually banned from mingling her. A stranger shows up in the bar and makes Rachel uneasy. She invites Jason home and they feel someone tailing them, but no one is found. The next day she goes missing and Jason mounts a search for her. The stranger turns out to be one of her older brothers and they are revealed to be Wendigo. Since Rachel hasn’t eaten human flesh she is not a full blooded Wendigo yet, and with the groups help she is freed from her family. Rachel has admitted she is purely vegan and a pacifist due to the curse inside her. Even though it is currently dormant, she has shown strength in physical conflict such as taking down Benito after seeing Jason hurt during Heart Broken, Lost Souls 2.4.

At the beginning of Junior year for the party: Rachel decides to return to Canada to convince the Native American tribe to remove the Wendigo curse from her. She hasn’t been seen since.


Rachel Greer

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