Nora Pearson


Nora is a biology major who initially was mentioned in Class Ring 2.2 when she refused to show up to the Lansdale Language Center because of how “creepy” it is at night. She was friends with Cody another biology major whose girlfriend became a vampire. There was a spark between Avery and Nora. They even made several road trips to Houston. While on a date in Broken Hearts, Lost Souls 2.4, we find out that she is a huge comic book fan. During her date with Avery, they come across Claudia losing in a fight against a vampire in a back alley. When the vampire is dispatched, Claudia asks Avery to help her track down a mutual friend from the summer that is missing. Avery ends her date with Nora, which actually ended any potential relationship between the two.

Nora began dating Brian shortly after. This created tension between Brian and Avery. However, due to Brian’s attempts at keeping Nora protected from the dangerous stuff that the party got into, the new couple spent more time fighting than enjoying their romance. Eventually Nora called things off with Brian as well.

During Junior year: Nora returned as a reoccurring resource for the party, especially when the group thought Brian was dead. She was able to reverse engineer “the darkness” that was corrupting students, and provided forensic identification on another investigation. During How to Deja Vu 3.8 Brian and Tim end up in a time loop. In one of the many repeated days, Brian reconciles his relationship with Nora before she leaves campus for the year. In order to fulfill the actions required to break the loop, Brian stands Nora up during the time in which he would have reunited with her.


Nora Pearson

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