Myrtle Altmann


Avery’s new roommate. Myrtle’s personality is very loud and flamboyant. She started off as a nuisance to the group and plays into many jewish stereotypes. However, since then she has surprisingly helped Brian through his problems with letting Missy go. Most recently she let the group know that she isn’t blind to what is going on at ETU. In fact she has changed dorm rooms twice due to ghostly activity. Unlike the members of the group, she takes the flee approach to supernatural problems and even left Brian alone in his dorm with a demon.

Myrtle was responsible for having a memorial constructed in the courtyard facing the cafeteria in memory of the students who lost their lives during sophomore year, including Matt and Ariel. Since she is no longer Avery’s roommate, she has since played a very small part in the stories of the party.


Myrtle Altmann

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