Claudia Lawson


Claudia is a new student at East Texas University. She is the “chosen one”, the one girl in all the world with the strength and skill to hunt demons and vampires and drive them back and protect mankind. She’s described her gift as being magically imbued by an ancient lottery that gives her the tools to survive in the face of the things men fear. Avery and Claudia had a casual relationship during the summer break. It was expected that they would never see each other after that, but when Claudia’s mentor insists she stay local she crosses paths hunting Cody’s girlfriend Jessica Fuller.

During the Houston trip in Broken Hearts, Lost Souls 2.4, Claudia ends Nora and Avery’s date when she asks Avery to help her save a friend who has been kidnapped by vampires. On the drive home from Houston, Avery and Claudia hold hands in the car ride suggesting a flame is rekindled. Claudia has displayed a very black and white view of monster hunting, especially in her lack of sympathy towards Jessica Fuller’s death.

Claudia played a minor part in the party’s continuing adventures, but became the damsel in distress when Cody finally managed to utilize Johnny Chafe’s experiments and transformed himself into a spider-human hybrid. Finally powerful enough to get revenge he kidnapped Claudia while she was making an ice cream run for Avery and herself. The party saved her just in time.


Claudia Lawson

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